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In New York :

The Business, Finance and Management School of New York is located in the heart of New York. We believe discovering and enjoying the city should be part of your experience here. This is why evenings and Fridays are free. You will be able to enjoy what New York has to offer, during your Summer Program. Go to a Broadway Show, shop in Chelsea Market or on 5th Avenue, have a Chai Latte at your favorite coffee shop, take the subway to Brooklyn and Williamsburg… The city has a lot to offer, and your Summer Program will allow you to fully enjoy it. Read our articles.


In the United States : 

Fridays and weekends are free. Not only will you have time to discover New York, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the US in general. Boston and Washington are easily reachable by bus, and at low cost. You can fly to Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, or the West Coast, and still be back by Monday morning for your high level business classes.

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