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Summer Programs as part of the Student’s Curriculum

The dreaded summertime homework assignments have given way to a more enlightened form of instruction: Summer Programs.

Summer Programs, more commonly known as Summer Semesters Abroad, are not only educational in nature but also provide a great deal of cultural discovery in the form a 2 or 3 week session spent in a previously unknown foreign country or city.

Summer Programs are built around a solid base of college level courses covering topics not already familiar to the students such as finance, business, business law. international commerce, Business English etc.

In addition, Summer Programs are built around opportunities to discover a new city or region, it’s economic livelihood, its political and financial institutions and its business community.

For example, we have developed a 3 week program during which students discover life on Wall Street in New York City. They visit well known financial institutions, law firms and local businesses in the afternoons after having attended courses and seminars in the morning hours. These courses take place 4 days a week for 4 hours, and are more theoretical in nature. They cover such topics as finance and international commerce.

Weekends are free and students are encourage to travel to Washington DC to discover the nation’s political capital including the White House, Congress and its grand library, the Supreme Court as well as the main institutions and agencies that make up the U.S. government. Students can also travel to visit history-filled Boston or they can spend 3 days visiting Florida , Miami or Orlando.

The combination of the educational components , the discovery of a new culture , the up close examination of its institutions as well leisure time well spent , quickly produces results when the students take full advantage of the their school breaks to open up their minds. In addition, such programs truly complement their regular studies by broadening their curriculum or opening new fields of university study.

This is, in fact, the rediscovery of the concept of intelligent vacations !

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