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Business Schools, strategy games and role-playing

One of methods of teaching business is undoubtedly the use of strategy games and role playing.

It is of course fun and distracting and therefore makes the material easier to learn.

It is also a practical tool for analyzing and working on business cases.

It is also a surprising angle which helps to break the monotony of work.

But above all, it is awfully good!

A growing number of teachers use this type of role playing in Business Schools, tackling strategy and confronting arising issues.

One of the best ways is probably to create games tailored to the needs of the class of business and finance and adapted to students: age, culture, tastes, competent, and desire to learn. One of our colleagues cited a series of games based on the traditional game called RISK, the Conquest of the World, in which students were brought unashamedly to seek pure and simple business and financial domination of the planet.

European Central Bank, Federal Reserve, Government Chinese, American, European, European Commission, American Federal Treasury, and the main investment banks, hedge funds and commercial banks around the world were associated, made alliances, betrayed each other, did reconcile, etc. leading to the triumph of the single one of them …

The colleague then told me who won … surprising…

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