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If we had thirty years to approach and translate the world through a historical and political analysis, it is clear that it would not be enough. Global dynamics are increasingly influenced by the economy and international finance. Our history becomes, in this sense, fueled by economical events, requiring a deep understanding and technical mastery of the many concepts of International Finance.


To this extent, integrating and analyzing the current international issues construct the BFMS’s curriculum.


Albert Einstein said: « You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else ». In our approach to Albert Einstein’s statement, we find particular truths: we make it our mission that every BFMS student may have the best tools rival and overcome their competitions and achieve excellence. Throughout our 3 weeks program in Business and Finance, we make our students aware of the challenges of our time so that they may become key participants.


As Professor of Financial Law and Director of BFMS, I understand that personal motivation, strong professional objectives and the will to succeed, are the key when approaching any international issues. I am proud part of a team composed of experts from the world of Finance, University Professors in New York, as well as financial actors in the world’s largest banks and financial institutions. Beyond the rich curriculum offered by the BFMS, its location on Manhattan allows students to develop their professional networking horizons in New York City.


The value of our work is measured by the success of our students; we therefore offer to our students the means and knowledge necessary to make them the economic actors of tomorrow.


Prof. Olivier Chazoule

– Director of The Business, Finance and Management School of New York





Through hard work, we can now ensure that the BFMS’s products still provide you with:


BFMS offers the best to train students, business and financial leaders as well as personal teams.


Our service is also the excellence of our stakeholders. Our professors are from the most prestigious universities in the world, in the fields of Finance, Business and Law. We further have top management partners from Wall Street.

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