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Student? Learn where to stay in New York

New York, especially Manhattan, The Big Apple, is attracting students from all over the world and from different states in the United States.

Europe, Asia, Canada , South America, Central America, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean Islands, as well as California, Ontario, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Maine, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada and many other places are the locations of departure for tens of thousands of students who arrive each year in New York and are looking for housing.

These students have several particularities including the length of stay which is atypical, no guarantor in the State of New York, not a lot of money to pay for the deposit, the desire to be as close as possible to the academic center of the city, but also the desire to be as close as possible to subways, restaurants and nightlife venues and entertainment.

In addition, these students naturally need broadband internet access/WiFi, television, decent bathroom facilities, kitchens and kitchenettes, as well as shared common places to eat, study, gather and relax: common rooms, living rooms, dining rooms .

However, this demand is sometimes difficult to meet and many challenges await the students arriving in the big city.

In this series of 10 articles we will see how these challenges are teeming and how to resolve them in order for students to be able spend a decent time living in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens, and take full advantage of the opportunity to study in New York.

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