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New York Street Art, a Not-so-Hidden Gem

“In the wake of the global growth of interest in art in the streets, one form of tourism that may soon be blowing up could be graffiti excursions, street art sightseeing, [and] mural journeying,” Brooklyn Street Art’s Jaime Rojo and Steven Harrington recently declared.

Historically, New York is the iconic city of street art. As it’s birthplace, the first graffiti artists stormed the walls of the city to express their artistry in the 70s.

During your visit to New York, you will have the opportunity to witness this unique culture footprint yourself.

Some official places of street art

Within the city, you will find some famous spots, known in the world, located away from Manhattan. For example, you can go in Jefferson Street, Brooklyn (on the L train) and walk a little bit to discover many pieces of street art on every street and every wall. More generally, Bushwick is famously the new temple of street art in Brooklyn. The industrial landscape of Bushwick attracts skilled street artists to expose their creativity for all to see on the various huge brick facades. Harlem further hosts a famed heritage of street art called the Graffiti Hall of Fame.

In the subway

The subway is also a perfect place to soak up the amazing works of these artists of the street. The most interesting line is the Q to take to Coney Island and also the Brooklyn G train going to Queens, where artists largely contributed to the corridors.

Galleries are used to preserve otherwise lost street art

It is not necessary to dwell only on the walls of the city to discover its street art aspect. One can indeed opt for some galleries, which frequently offer exhibitions related to this particular form of creation. For example, there is the Brooklynite Gallery, the Nine Gallery 5, and Anonymous Gallery.

Lay your eyes on decades of unique cultural heritages which are ever so relevant to any art appreciators!

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