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An Introduction

Here is everything you need to know about our Programs, in just one short article. Don’t forget to watch our video about our Summer Program – and all the videos on our Youtube channel.

4 core courses

The morning lessons focus on 4 aspects of business and finance.

Global Management: you will learn the fundamentals of modern management, and how to deal with the complex global business environment faced by international managers.

The classes focus on business cases, practical workshops, complex situations…

Business Law: How a CEO must handle legal challenges of a business corporation? You will be exposed real life situations, regarding International business Law, European Union Law, US Law, Intellectual Property issues….

International Finance: You will understand the theory of international finance and its application to real world.

Business Strategy and Policy: As the Chairman and President of a Multinational Corporation, how will you address the daily complexity of managing your company?

A focus on networking

Following our programs is an opportunity to build a world-class network.

You will meet and exchange with students from all over the world.

Afternoons are dedicated to visits of institutions and meeting with professionals. These are bankers, lawyers, businessmen, living in New York and working in Wall Street. They give conferences, present their everyday life, their job, the challenges they face. Of course, this is the chance to meet and build a relationship with them.

Discover Wall Street

Visits of Wall Street are organized during the afternoons. You will discover major institutions, such as the New York Stock Exchange or the Federal Reserve. You will visit banks, high-level law firms, businesses… The classes themselves take place in the heart of New York.

This is your chance not only to visit, but also to see, to feel, the real life in the financial center of the world.

Enjoy New York and the US

Evenings, Fridays and weekends are free. You will have the time you need to enjoy New York, and the US in general. Washington and Boston are reachable by bus at low price. You can fly to Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, or the West Coast. Enjoy real holidays, while boosting your skills, network, and resume.

Malo de Braquilanges

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